The Tender Management Process

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 Video on Demand Shows Pre-Tender & Tender Management Process Steps

It will help you understand all the steps that are involved not only during a tender management process, but also the pre-tender process.

This short video (13 minutes) provides a 10,000 feet overview of the whole pre-tender and tender process.
To Watch this Video on Demand on Tendering Process, simply key in your details on the right. Here’s exactly what you’re going to find out in this video:

  • Understanding why you are tendering – what’s the need
  • Selecting the Tender Team (if Any)
  • Analyzing the Supplier Market and Competition within that market
  • How to Solicit Offers for Tenders
  • Receiving Bids, Maintaining their confidentiality & Rejection of Bids
  • Proposal Evaluation including Price & Cost Analysis
  • Evaluating Non-Price Fact

At the end of the video be on the lookout for the next step you need to take to ensure that your tender process runs smoothly.

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