Digital Transformation and Excellence in Procurement

Date: 15 Dec to 19 Nov 2019

Program Overview:

While the world economy is changing dramatically, the demand of professionalism in the field of quality, procurement, materials planning, and supply chain management has grown extensively. There are new roles that require a thorough understanding of functional interrelationship, if we are to succeed.

Doing what you’ve always done-even if you do it very well-is no longer acceptable. Under pressure to contain costs and produce results despite challenging circumstances, organisations and people need to transform rather than simply improve operations.

This 5 days program identifies the elements needed to provide a business with best goods, materials and services by using automation and technology to drive efficiency and create new opportunities so that for procurement can add value in areas not previously done.

Procurement leaders must orchestrate end-to-end processes with strategic perspective.

A convergence of AI, AA and other new technologies will empower businesses with tools and information to bring together such technologies with the concepts of Total Cost, Lean/Six Sigma, Certification Process of Suppliers, and the new relationships necessary to ensure success. The instructions will show how to adopt the latest 4th Industrial Revolution technologies, methods, and processes that will make your organization “best in class” in the 21st Century.


This course will combine a variety of instructional methods including lecture by an experienced practitioner and consultant, exercises, and group discussions covering current practices and their relationship to the implementation of new concepts.

What you will learn?

  • How to develop a collaborative partnership to obtain peak performance
  • What is Blockchain’s role in Procurement?
  • How is Artificial Intelligence employed in Procurement?
  • What the methodology is in creating an environment that engenders a productive exchange of ideas and focus on company objectives.
  • What is the basis of supplier sourcing – quantitative vs. qualitative? How to relate other functional activities, such as Information Systems, Operations, and Maintenance
  • What are the techniques of systems contracting, vendor managed inventories, supplier certification, etc…. and how to employ them with measurable results?
  • What is a “SMART” contract and how is it employed?
  • How the new technologies need to be integrated into our practices with customers and Suppliers

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