Contract Administration:
From Award to Completion

Date: 24 Jul to 25 Jul 2019

Why This Training?

If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between contract management & administration, here’s what’s important …
… No matter how well you plan the whole contract management process (from requisitioning until full contract closure), the contract will not be delivered successfully unless it is administered effectively.

That’s one of the reasons why the “Contract Administration – From Award to Completion” training course is a must attend, especially since it’s conducted by Robi Bendorf (CPSM, MCIPS. Lifetime CPM), nicknamed as the “True Guru of Purchasing” by one client. When you attend you’ll find that what you learn is practical, simple to use & flat out works. Here’s what one client says about Robi:

“Gained a great deal of understanding that is practical and not simply from books”
Jonathan Cunningham – Subcontracts Manager – Leighton Offshore

1. Best Value For Your Money

If you were to get only 1 idea that will help to expedite your contract & avoid or at least minimize the impact of the next contract delay & change, it will be worth much more than what you invest for this.

“At the beginning I thought it is worth coming … but now after attending I am damn sure it is worth every penny”
Tariq Khamis Saleh Al-Zadjali – Head of Contracts – Oman Airports Management

2. Full of Exercises & Discussions

This is a hands on training full of exercises and discussions, learning by doing. Here are some of the exercises and discussions for this course:

  • How To Develop A List Of Measurements For Supplier Contract Performance.
  • Examples of newly defined risk after the contract was awarded and the potential responses to that risk.
  • Determining the fairness of a price change for additional services quoted by a supplier.
  • What Do you Do in contract termination when the cause was not the fault of the seller but for the convenience of the buyer?
  • What should be covered in the inspection and acceptance sections of the contract?

3. Recommended by Past Participants

The Contract Administration training program has been attended by hundreds of people and almost all of them would recommend their peers to attend.

… Go for it and send as many others from your organisation.
Shahyzul Rahman – Counsel – Attorney General’s Chambers Brunei Darussalam
Excellent program – A must to attend. Collected precious gems.
Cheeng K.M – Procurement Specialist – Petron Fuel International





“It’s quite expensive but it worth every penny.”
Farah Adhela Zulkiflee – Business Development Executive – Integrated Petroleum Services
“Superb. Got many ideas to enhance our contract management practice.”
Bazilah bt. Baharuddin – Executive National Heart Institute, Malaysia
There were a lot of examples given and samples can be used in real life. Further, Mr. Bendorf’s vast experience was informative and useful in putting things in context. Go for it! And send as many others from your organisation!
Shahyzul Rahman – Counsel – Attorney General’s Chambers, Brunei
Highly recommended [to attend] as it’s an eye opener to things that we never knew how to tackle in real life scenario.
Ronald Koh – Procurement Supervisor – Petron Malaysia
  “You better join this course or you will regret it.”
Azaharoel Zais b. Ismail – Assistant Director – Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia


Course Description

It is a well know fact that the best tendering and contract writing is of limited value if the contract is not carefully administered from award to completion. World-class organizations view the application of best practices in contract administration as being essential skill sets needed by all employees involved in the contract management process.

When attending you will learn the many steps of contract administration from the time the award is made through to the final acceptance, payment, and the contract close out so that the total objectives of entering into the contract are achieved. Below are key takeaways from the course:

  • Achieve Reduced Total Cost Of Ownership From Better Contract Management
  • Increase Confidence In Dealing With Contract Issues
  • How to Provide Better Outcomes from Contracts?
  • Key Important Elements Of Contract Administration
  • Contract Monitoring Techniques
  • How To Get Fair Treatment In Contract Changes
  • Contract Termination Issues
  • How To Prepare For Claims And Disputes
  • Review Acceptance And Contract Close Out Issues


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