The Procurement Manifesto
The Procurement Manifesto

The Procurement Manifesto

The Single Concept That Transforms Procurement Getters Into Strategic Buyers & Leads Them to Succeed in Their Careers

  1. The #1 reason 80% of Procurement Executives struggle and fail
  2. The strategies used by successful Strategic Buyers to build a successful procurement career!
  3. Why CEOs Do Not See Procurement as Contributing to the Bottom Line
  4. Why Almost No One Pays Respect and Recognition to Procurement.
  5. How to Get the CEO on Your Turf and Support All You Do
  6. The Biggest Problem 80% of Procurement Getters have (and They Do Not Realize The Have this Problem)
  7. How Strategic Buyers Get the Respect & Recognition They Deserve
  8. Where Successful Procurement Executives Focus?

In order to transform to world class Purchasing & Procurement Organization, the Chief Procurement Officer or Procurement Director needs to set his procurement department’s objectives.

Such Procurement expert needs to impart in all the people within the purchasing department the right approach & Mindset so that to transform his people within the purchasing department.
Without implanting the right mindset & strategies in his people any world class procurement practices is doomed to fail.

And this is the focus of the Procurement Manifesto. Imparting the right concept and strategy to all procurement executives & procurement specialists! Once procurement managers grasp such concept, the task of the Head of Procurement or CPO becomes much easier, since every initiative is readily accepted by all.

More important is the fact that once all people in the procurement department grasp fully this one concept, the whole organization will look at the procurement function with a newly found respect and recognition.

To repeat: while there are different procurement activities that lead to world class procurement practices, the implementation this one single concept throughout the purchasing department, enables all purchasing executives and purchasing managers within the organization to rally together and implement fundamental and advanced procurement practices much faster and without resistance.

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