“Building Procurement Skills & Competences” White Paper/Report

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“Building Procurement Skills & Competences” White Paper/Report

Showcasing a Strategic Approach To Build World Class Competences & Skills in Procurement With Clear Procurement Maps PerJob Role & Individual Learning Plans.

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If you’re used to traditional and academic reports, rest assured that what you’re going to read in this short report on procurement competences is completely different.

How different?

First, it is short and straight to the point. It contains less than 2,500 words – an average person reads about 150 words per minute and it should take you about 17 minutes to read it.

Second, it outlines a comprehensive procurement competence approach, yet flexible enough to customize for any team and organisation.

Third, it is simple to understand and implement.


While reading it, you will discover not only a procurement competence matrix, but also how to use that matrix to design competence maps for each procurement role, e.g. Buyer, Contract Manager, Category Manager and more – actually 7 roles.

The approach highlighted in this whitepaper has been implemented for hundreds of organisations that have set up their internal Procurement Academies worldwide – from North America to Europe and Middle East.
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  • The 2 Objectives of Why Procurement Competences
  • 3 Sample Competence Maps for 3 Job Roles in Procurement
  • The 2 Wrong Approaches to Build People Competences & Skills
  • The Correct Approach to Build People Competence & Skills
  • Why Using Only Classroom Trainings Is not The Correct Method of Building Competences & Skills?

goal-keeperWhat’s Common Between a Soccer & Procurement Team When Building Competences & Skills?

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