5 Key Areas to Master On Your Way to Become a Chief Procurement Officer (CPO)

Short Interview with Tom Derry Chief Executive Officer

Institute for Supply Management/ISM*

ISM is the oldest Supply Management Institute in the world with 48,000 members worldwide

What are the responsibilities/core skills that will ensure success for Chief Procurement Officers, Heads of Procurement or Procurement Director?

In this short transcribed interview, Tom answers that by showcasing the 5 core skills/areas for success whether you’re an existing CPO/Procurement Director or aspiring to be one.

Rather than focus on day to day responsibilities for CPOs/Procurement Directors/Heads of Procurement, Tom has nailed it with his 5 areas as he looks at the bigger picture.

As this is a short interview, brevity ads to its priceless value as you get to know what it takes to reach at the top and stay there without the long and unnecessary fluff.

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This Edited Interview with Tom Derry, Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for Supply Management or ISM, was conducted in 2016 and is courtesy of Procurious. The podcast can be found at:  https://www.procurious.com/procurement-classes/career-boot-camp-day-2-5-surefire-ways-to-become-a-cpo

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