Build Your Corporate Procurement Academy

Over 100 Procurement Academies built worldwide & still counting …

Dear Procurement Executive,

When we say Procurement Academy we don’t mean just trainings, but a full process that includes …

  • Setting up your procurement competency framework
  • Designing competency maps for all job roles (whether contracts, sourcing, category, analysis, junior or senior buyers etc)
  • Doing assessments to determine the gap
  • Assigning individual blended learning plans (e-learning and classroom trainings)
  • Certifications …. and more.

This comprehensive & sophisticated approach is proven to build world class skills.

Below is a 3 step straightforward approach that we take with our clients to building their procurement competences, skills and setting up a Procurement Academy. One of them was awarded the best Custom Procurement Academy in 2015. And there are more than 100 such Academies worldwide – something that we can set up for you in 2 weeks.

Here’s the process our clients followed in a nutshell:

Step 1 –  They decided where they wanted to go?
That’s the outcome right from the beginning – reaching World Class Levels. To do this they created:

  • Their Procurement Competency Framework
  • Procurement Competency Mapping for each job role so that each executive is very clear as to what he needs to master.

Step 2 – They determined their existing skills levels!
Essentially they needed to know where they were. For this we did …

  • a thorough assessment for each of their executives and
  • came up with a gap analysis to determine the skills that they needed to upgrade.

Step 3 – How to Get To World Class?
With the information from step 1 and step 2 we designed

  • blended learning programs (e-learning & classroom trainings)
  • that were customized to each individual,
  • so that to fill the Gap and reach world class.einstein_smalldynamiclead_dynamic_lead_slide

These 3 steps to world class look simple, but that’s what our clients pay us for – to make it simple for them to reach world class skills on procurement. We learned from Albert Einstein who said: ‘Everything should be made as simple as possible’.

Actually there’s a lot more that we did for them and we’d like to do the same for you.

To get the ball rolling request for a 45 minutes meeting. During that meeting one of our Senior Directors or even the CEO will show the full process to set up your procurement academy that will equip you and your team with world class procurement skills including externally accredited procurement certifications.