Cost Analysis For Buyers

Video on Demand Series
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When To Get Reasonable & Best Prices?
When Suppliers Really Make Money?
Finding Supplier's Cost Breakdown

These 3 videos are short - less than 10 minutes each, but what you learn in each will give you a tremendous advantage when finding out & analysing supplier's costing. Very simply, this series will enable you to get a cost breakdown for your suppliers' products and services.

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Why are We Offering these Videos for Free?

The content offered in these videos is the same content that our clients pay when attending our trainings. So why are we offering them for free? Here's why:

First, these are free only for a limited time. Don't be surprised if next time you're on this page the full fee of $47 needs to be paid before watching them.

Second, we are making an investment on you. In every business relationship someone has to make the first move. Plus, someone has to make the first investment and therefore take the first risk. We are willing to invest in you, your professional knowledge and your career. You see, we've learned from experience a simple fact. The better & more knowledgeable strategic buyer you become the better client you'll be. So, it makes sense for us to take a risk and fully invest in you. If we're right for each other, we'll reap the rewards later on. If not, you'll get an unparalleled procurement education absolutely for free.