Purchasing and Procurement Center Careers

We are always on the lookout for talented and motivated individuals to join our dynamic team. We never have a quota on our recruitment. It always depends when and where we find the right people. There is only one thing that may prevent us from growing faster and bigger, and it is not market conditions neither is it the economy! It is the absence of the right people in the right job and career. That is why one of the values we uphold is:

People, People, People

However, we do NOT believe that people are the assets of our company. Only the RIGHT people are. The recruitment process, remuneration structure, and our business goals are geared towards identifying the RIGHT people to reward and develop. Only the RIGHT people would be able to become ASSETS of the company and contribute to its bottom line.

Being a Purchasing and Procurement Center employee is about being result-driven, motivated and a life-long learner. Purchasing and Procurement Center’s commitment to organic growth ensures fast career progression and innovative career structures. If you want to be the best run with the best!

Positions Available:

1. Corporate Sales

Our sales people sell packages varying from USD 1,000 to USD 3,000. Of which, they take home 10-13% per sale. We expect an average sales person to make 5 to 6 sales a month and the best rake in 10 to 15 sales. Do the maths and see where you stand.

This is a position not for the faint hearted and it needs input and rewards those who are dedicated and hard working. You will be liaising with high level and senior management executives from MNC’s and large local companies in Malaysia and the rest of the region. Your job is to convince them of what our products can do for them. Outstanding results in this position are highly rewarding both financially and career-wise.

You need to be:

  • highly motivated
  • able to work without supervision
  • result-driven
  • a good communicator
  • a great researcher
  • a life-long learner

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2. Product Research & Development / Conference & Training Producer

You will network with industry movers and shakers and make contacts to last a lifetime. This unique career opportunity involves creating cutting-edge, business-to-business training and conference events. You will research training and conference topic ideas via phone, Internet and trade publications to assess market viability. You will also need to identify hot new trends and ideas, recruit top industry speakers & write training and conference brochure copies.

You need to be:

  • an excellent researcher
  • a great communicator
  • precise in meeting deadlines
  • capable of multi-tasking
  • an innovative copywriter

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3. Support Services

You will be involved in most operational aspects of the company’s diverse activity. Most of your tasks will centre on the efficient organization and running of our business events. This will involve confirming delegate participation, generating invoices, booking venues, negotiating for best prices with our suppliers and ensuring the smooth running of our trainings and conferences.

You need to be:

  • a natural multi-tasker
  • highly organized
  • great with meeting deadlines
  • a clear communicator

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4. Internships Program

Lectures, assignments, projects and all the other things. Then there is the real experience of LIFE!

Purchasing and Procurement Center is always looking for young individuals who want to get into the real world with FULL energy and want to grow. Answer the questions below to apply for the internship program at Purchasing and Procurement Center.

You need to be:

  • Highly motivated
  • Able to work without supervision
  • Result-driven
  • A good communicator
  • A life-long learner

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