About Us!

In 2008 Wharton school did a roundtable discussion with 30 European CPO’s and found that their no.1 priority for the next 5 to 10 years was training and developing their people. Enter Purchasing & Procurement Center Inc. (Actually we did not know about this roundtable discussion when we started Purchasing & Procurement Center, we found this later :-), but it’s right on the dot)

With our motto: “Transforming getters to world class strategic buyers” we focus on training & building procurement teams to world class standards. Whether Full Supply Chain & Procurement Academies or training programs, tailor made competency development programs based on job roles, high impact e-learning and certification, we build procurement executives skills to world class standards.

Employing world class people & professionals, you are serviced by literally best in class:

artinArtin Vaqari

Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO, Artin is the ‘connector’ that glues all the pieces and people together. He provides the direction for the company and focuses on coming up with new & innovative ideas that help clients build their procurement teams to world class standards.


Robi-BendorfRobi Bendorf

Senior Director/Senior Consultant

CPSM, MCIPS, Lifetime CPM, Ex-ISM President – Pittsburgh.

Nicknamed True Guru of Purchasing from one client, Robi is the one that will energise/energize (not sure whether UK or US spelling is correct – hope both of them one day will agree on spelling) and excite everyone that hears him talk. He will instill pride for the purchasing profession – and will show with facts how important purchasing is to any organization and how much it affects the bottom line. Last time we checked $1 saved in purchasing was equal to $6.75 in sales.

But the greatest asset that Robi has is that he shows how to do purchasing not just from a buyer’s point of view, but also from the suppliers point of view, since previously he worked as the Manager of Customer & Supplier Development for Westinghouse Trading Corp, where half of the day he was the buyer dealing with suppliers and the other half he was the seller dealing with buyers.


mikeGMichael (Mike) Gozzo

Senior Director/Senior Consultant

CSCP, CPIM, Who’s Who In Manufacturing

Mike is an established Procurement & Supply Chain Expert with more than 40 years real life experience. He is the one that will help solve issues with suppliers or better prevent them from happening in the first place.

Apart from being a very engaging and inspiring trainer, he is very hands on when it comes to delivering. That’s why his training sessions are very interactive with participants and at the same time his consulting work receives accolades from clients. And if you want someone to tell people what they don’t want to hear, but they really need to, Mike’s the one.


markMark Trowbridge – Senior Consultant

Senior Director/Senior Consultant

CPSM, MCIPS, Lifetime C.P.M.

Mark has over 30 years in the procurement profession including senior positions in the Financial, Airlines, and Manufacturing sectors; culminating as Director of Sourcing & Contracting Management for Bank of America.  In this position his team was responsible for sourcing across the corporation’s global operations, and generated savings that exceeded a quarter-of-a-billion dollars. Mark is a frequent guest speaker at many events, including featured presentations at the last ten ISM International conferences. His writings have been featured in Supply Chain Management Review, eSide Supply Management, Inside Supply Management,


senaiSenai Janting  

Director – Support Services

She’s the one that runs the day to day operations of the company and makes sure that things run smoothly. Her gift is to make things look easy to do and focus people in the same direction. Without her there would be a total mess and people in the company would wonder aimlessly.


billyBilly Jane Baliwagan

VP – Procurement Learning & Development

It is Ms and it is not the same as Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean” song. It is Jane, like in Tarzan & Jane. She’s the lady to contact if you want to get something done quickly and consistently. Her warm personality will make you think that you already know her for many years, eventhough you may have just met her.


marilynMarilyn Cornejo

VP – Procurement Development

If you really want to know what it takes to sort out any issues and get all your team to agree to new  initiatives, Marilyn is the one to contact. She’ll ensure that all your team is going to be onboard enthusiastically if and when you work with us. Her gift is to ‘motivate’ your people to become part of the solutions, rather than the problem. Especially if one needs helps from the higher echelons within the organization.


SAGHEER1Sagheer Rajper

VP – IT & Technology

Sagheer ensures that all runs smoothly on the technology side. But his gift is to see things beyond technology and to focus on the ultimate objective to achieve. As one time he pointed out to the CEO, when the CEO was introducing a new idea: “Why are you telling us to do all these things. What is your objective? What do you want to accomplish?”. Since that time Sagheer ‘flies’ as soon as the objective is given to him and makes it happen.