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is the square peg in the round hole, since we don’t fit with the traditional training industry for procurement & supply chain. While the industry focuses on delivering standard classroom trainings (the round holes) proven Not to be effective in changing what people do we’ve created the highest level of learning for procurement & supply chain – Cognitive Intelligence (the square peg)!

Picture2Cognitive Intelligence affects real change in how people do their day to day job and reach “best-in-class” through scenario based learning, simulations, application based tasks & practical trainings with experienced trainers that make the training interesting, interactive and engaging.

It is the highest level of learning that ensures people not only learn, but absorb what they learn & most importantly apply what they learn resulting in highly trained professional supply chain & procurement workforce.

Want to Find Out How Cognitive Intelligence Can Build Your Supply Chain & Procurement Teams Skills?

Is This For You?

If you are happy with your existing supply chain & procurement development initiatives, your people effectively apply what they learn & you can effectively track their improvement being up to par using best practices, then congratulations, you might not need us.

However if you feel that something is really missing from you current efforts in building your team, we would be so bold as to say to stop all existing plans and training & development budgets for your supply chain & procurement team, until you hear us out.

What we share has been proven to work with almost 200 clients who work with us and our partners exclusively for the training and development of their supply chain & procurement teams. Not only in Europe or US but also in Asia and Middle East.

Would You Buy a Coffee Every Day for Each Team Member, If Caffeine Was Proven to Build Their Skills to Best-In-Class?

Cognitive Intelligence is the Caffeine – It Will Build Your Supply Chain & Procurement Team At Less Than the Cost of a Coffee Per Day.


Are You Looking for Yourself, Not Team?

Gain any of the 2 Accredited International Procurement Certification Without Reading Books & Without Travelling That Will Equip You with World Class Skills & Global Best Procurement Practices to Excel in Your Job, Produce Bottom Line Results & Increase Chances of Promotion & Higher Income!

There are 2 Practical Certifications:

The Fundamental Certification is For Aspiring Non-Managerial Purchasing & Procurement Professionals & The Advanced Certification For Skilled Managers, Directors & Other Senior Level Executive in Procurement.


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What PPC Clients Say:

sidneyPPC is a team of very dedicated procurement professionals who clearly understand the key role procurement plays in today’s bottom line. They walk the talk and this is evident in the three previous programs me and my team have attended both in Dubai and Kuala Lumpur. I strongly recommend them to you or anyone else looking to enhance the skills of a procurement team from an ‘As-Is’ to a ‘World-Class’ team, as they are the only dedicated purchasing and procurement center with a focus on procurement excellence.

Sidney Soares
Head of Procurement - wasl Dubai UAE

AhmedWe were searching for how to build the business requirements to deploy e-sourcing solution. … We have been extremely pleased … , and [PPC] has gone the extra mile to ensure the success of this engagement. We want to thank you sincerely for your continued efforts and look forward to future great working relationship with PPC.

Ahmed Abu Omar
CIO - Al-Arab Contracting Company (Saudi Arabia)

tarique At the beginning I thought it is worth coming … but now after attending I am damn sure it is worth every penny.

Tariq Al-Zadjali
Head of Contracts - Oman Airports Management Company

Google-FaceI attended the course with the fear that this would be a math session where all we did was do math exercises. I was extremely happy with the material & the delivery and for the first time in a decade or so of attending trainings in the region I am greatly satisfied with the training”

Mohammed Khaled Al Gussyer
Logistics Manager - SABIC (Saudi Arabia)